Sunday, 18 November 2012

new hair for a new season.




blouse - cutie at house of fraser
black top - primark
leggings - topshop
necklace - topshop

foundation - Barbara Daly at tesco in almond
powder - Barbara Daly in medium
eyebrows - natural collection at boots 
eyelashes - maybelline colossal

hey dolls,
sorry for the recent lack of blog posts, i've just had quite a bit going on at the moment and college is taking over my life, currently doing 4 projects at once so it's all a bit mad!
but i thought i would include this blog post as, as you can probably tell from my last post, i have had my hair done! i'm finally one step further in the process of getting rid of my red for good. don't get me wrong, i love the red, but blonde is the colour for me.
if you're interested in how i got it like this, i got it done at a salon. i firstly got a colour balance to get rid of most of the red, then i had half a head of foil highlights in a light blonde, with a slightly darker blonde inbetween, and this is the end result. obviously i need to go back in 6 weeks time and have a full head of foils and i will be at where i want to be. as you can tell i'm wearing blonde extensions.
i also thought i'd add a picture of my new piercing which i got in my nose about a week ago, making that my 6th piercing!

p.s. i'm thinking of starting to include the odd beauty post, and depending how popular they are i might start doing them regularly, such as my favourites and what's in my make up bag. let me know what you think!

B x