Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Meal & Drinks | OOTE.

Hi guys,
I'm getting straight back into my blogging with this post from one night last week.
I went out for a meal and drinks and this is the outfit I wore.
It wasn't until I done this post that I realised, pretty much my whole outfit is Topshop!
I recently picked up these leggings and top from the Topshop store in the Metrocentre in Newcastle. I haven't seen either of them stocked in my local Topshop, so it was even better when I bought them!
I also wore a couple of make up bits from Topshop, including my blusher/bronzer duo, and my lipstick. I love this shade of lipstick, as I think it matches perfectly with the top.

General Chat & Life Update.

Hey dolls!

I am back after a long needed break, and ready to start blogging frequently again.
I've been away for a while, as the past couple of months have been quite busy for me.