Tuesday, 20 August 2013

General Chat & Life Update.

Hey dolls!

I am back after a long needed break, and ready to start blogging frequently again.
I've been away for a while, as the past couple of months have been quite busy for me.

In June, I left my 2nd year of college, and I was having a think about what I wanted to do. As you may know, I'm currently studying a BTEC National Extended Diploma in Art & Design, and have just finished my 2nd year. I still have another year to go on the course, but I was unsure about whether I wanted to go back. Although I love my course, I just wasn't sure it was for me anymore.
But after a long hard think, I've decided to finish my final year, will be returning to college in September and hopefully, if I get the grades needed, I will be going to University in 2014!
It was also my birthday in June so I had plenty of celebrations, and I've just been having a well earned rest from all the college work, and picking up extra shifts at work.
We've also been having a bit of a hard time recently in the family. In early July my Grandad passed away, so I took a step back from work, college and everything just to be here with my family and spend time with them.
So it's been a mad couple of last months, but I'm determined to get back into my blogging and cracking down with college to get the grades needed for University.

I'm going to continue with some fashion posts, and I'm hopefully going to start slowly introducing beauty posts in there too, as I'm growing more and more fond of beauty and skincare products, so I'm going to start including them.
Also, my friend Heather is interested in making a blog, and I know she's gonna be featured in the next couple of posts.

I'm going to try and post once a fortnight, if not once a week. Once I'm in the routine, I'll be more determined to do it, and I'll have a definite day of posting.
So be sure to check back here for more posts!
Love, B x

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