Tuesday, 25 December 2012

all i want for christmas, is you!

aloha guys,
and merry christmas!

Sorry for being absent this past month, but the run up to christmas was just soo busy, I haven't had chance to blog! I thought i'd keep in the festive spirit and do a post on what I got for christmas. Can I just mention first that, and I shouldn't have to explain myself, but I enjoy seeing what other people got for christmas, so I'm just sharing what gifts I received. The purpose of this post isn't to brag in any way, so please don't get the wrong idea.

No 7 Beautiful Skin
Foaming Cleanser, Hot Cloth Cleanser and BB Cream. 

MAC - Eye/Lip Liner Pencil - Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara - Lip Glosses - Studio Perfect Foundation in NC40 - Volume Waterproof Long Curing Mascara - 4 Colour Cream Eyeshadows - Dress Camp Lipstick - Liquid Eyeliner Gel - Powder Blush

Benefit - Hello Flawless Foundation in Honey - Porefessional Primer in Light

This wasn't all I got, but I just wanted to do a post on the beauty bits I got. Also, sorry if i've missed any shades from the Mac makeup, my dad got me it so he did a pretty god job considering he didn't know exactly what he was looking for! I've never used Mac before either, so i'll do a post soon about what I think, so sort of a review. I'll also be doing an outfit(s) post including the clothes I got for Christmas in the next week.

I hope you all had a good day today whatever it consisted off!
B x

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