Sunday, 10 February 2013

hometown glory.

top - topshop
leggings - topshop
cardigan - mango
bag - primark
bracelets - river island
earrings - dororthy perkins
(not sure where my belt is from, I got it for christmas)

hi guys!
so here I am, finally posting now i'm back in England!
sorry for the lack of posts since Malta, I didn't know what I wanted to do a post on next, so I stuck to doing another outfit posts.
it's been a bit mad since i've been back in England. mostly i've been having to catch up with college work - it's amazing how much a week off can put you back!
because i'm doing 4 projects at once, it's been so easy to fall behind, but i've been working hard and i'm now caught up with work.
for one of my projects, i'm basing it on fashion. i'm going to be going out with friends, dressing them up, choosing a location and taking lots of photos, so everytime we do a "shoot" i'll post the photos on here. we did a quick experimental one on a trip we went to with college last week. we went to Saltburn, which is a beach/town in the North East of England, and we got some pictures of our outfits on the pier. i'll post them up next!
B x

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