Thursday, 17 January 2013

hi, i'm a tourist.

aloha guys,
today has been a bit of a similar day to the rest, we got the ferry over to Valletta again and spent the day shopping and being typical tourists. I decided to photograph a lot more of the buildings and views than I already have done, to give you a better view of this amazing town.
I didn't bother doing an outfit of the day as it wasn't anything special.
we had some dinner, did some shopping in the sales and wandered up to the gardens before coming back to the apartment.
then tonight we just went for a bite to eat and a few drinks, but the 3 of us are so tired so we're having an early night tonight, then up early tomorrow and back over to Valletta to spend our last day there. I think we're just going to the war museum, do a bit more shopping (spend, spend, spend!) then go for our last meal tomorrow night as we come home on saturday.
for tomorrow's blog post i'm going to include an OOTD and some pictures of the war museum, but I probably won't put a post up for saturday as we fly home on the afternoon and won't be arriving back to our house in England until midnight.
it'll be back to the same routine next week, but i'll still be posting at least once a week now i'm in the habit. i'll be doing a what's in my make up bag, regular outfit posts, a final post for Malta and possibly a haul of everything bought whilst on holiday!
B x
(p.s. sorry for the ramble!)

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