Tuesday, 19 November 2013

River Island Wishlist.

Hey dolls,
I've been absolutely loving the clothes recently in River Island, which is a surprise because not a lot of things have been catching my eye lately.
I seen this tee and thought it represented me perfectly! I then seen these trousers and I thought they go hand in hand..
Then I seen this bag, and I feel in love. I adore it! I seriously considered buying it, but I couldn't justify spending that much on a bag that wouldn't go with everything, but then I seen this coat and thought the orange would match amazingly. I suppose that's an excuse to invest in both!

I think I'm going to clothes show live in December, and thought this outfit would be perfect to wear for the day, if only I could afford it all! I'm gonna have to do some serious saving because I'm in love with all of these items!

Have you seen any River Island beauties lately? What are your picks?
Much love, B x

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