Sunday, 10 November 2013

Where I Get Ready | My Dressing Table.

Hello dolls,
I've recently had a huge clean out of my room, moving things around and sorting things out, so I thought I'd take some photos of my dressing table to show you guys. My mam's friend recently moved to Manchester so my mam got to have her gorgeous dressing table, which I ended up talking her into putting it in my room. I absolutely love it, it's so vintage and fits perfectly with the style of my room.

So this is my dressing table and where I get ready on a morning. I love it because it's right next to the window so it's perfect for applying my make up in natural sunlight. I also love the space, with all of the draws for my products. With the 3 mirrors in, I use the middle one for my make up and because my wardrobe is behind it, I can use the mirror on the left to see the back of my hair in the wardrobe mirror. Perfect!

I don't like having candles burning constantly, but I feel if I just light one on the morning, it makes me room smell lovely throughout the day. In the big box (the one the candle is resting on) I keep all of my nail varnishes. The ones on display are my go to and most worn colours.

I love having little jars on display full of things I use daily. You can pick them up almost anywhere and are great to store things on. For example, my brush holder was a simple DIY task. I bought a flour shaker (weird, I know) because it had a nice shape, and I just took the top off and wrapped cute lace around it to give it more of a vintage feel to it.


(Sorry these pictures aren't the same way round, I couldn't get them to rotate!)
These draws are just two of the smaller draws, one for my skincare products and one for my hair products. I love having these products really handy for when I'm getting ready, the storage in the table is just amazing!

And last but certainly not least, my make up draw. My baby. My pride and joy. Words can't express how much I love this draw! My friend Heather is also a makeup & beauty enthusiast, so she helped me organise my draw. I love how organised it is, and how handy it is to have everything on display right in front of me, rather than having to dig around in a bag.
If you guys would like to see a blog post on how i've organised my makeup draw, let me know because I'd love to show you!

And that is it, my lovely dressing table.
Let me know if you guys try any of the jar ideas, or if there's any posts you would like to see.

I would also love to hear from you. Any comments would be much appreciated!
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Much love, B x

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