Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What I Bought in Malta | Haul.

Hello dolls!
Another holiday related post here, but still keeping in theme with my blog, I thought I'd show you what I bought in Malta. I got some presents for my friend Heather, a few bits for my boyfriend and a couple of things for myself because I just couldn't resist!

Sorry about the lighting in these photos, I took them in my room in the apartment and it was so dark, even during the say, and all I had was 2 lamps to use!

I went in this cute little shop called Mil Ideas and bought a couple of things, some for me and some for Heather. I can't remember the exact prices, but I'll put in the ones I remember.

The first things I picked up were these cute little fake flower pots. I got one for me and one for Heather, as we've both recently decorated and these fit perfectly! I love the style of them. They were just 2 euros each.

I have a bit of a thing for candles lately, so I couldn't help myself from putting these in my basket. The first one is for Heather, and although the candle smells of soap, I thought the tin was really cute and vintage looking. The second one is just a little candle which I'm using for decoration as I don't wanna burn it. Like I said before, it goes perfect with the theme of my room now it's been decorated. And the last one is a candle holder, which I wanted for my dressing table as it matches my new make up brush holder. Although I need a big tea light for it!
The first one was around 5 euros, the second was 2 euros and the third was 6 euros.

More nice smelling things! I also got these bath bombs for Heather. One is full of little pink hearts and the other gold stars. Then I got one of those bottle-of-incense-which-you-put-the-sticks-in-things, which is fresh cotton scented and I love anything fresh cotton!
The bath bombs were 2 euros each and the incense was around 5 euros.

Onto the boyfriend's presents. I wasn't sure what to get him at all, so when I seen the Levi's shop I knew I had to get him a polo. I also got him the Arber aftershave from the Body Shop, and those 2 cute little bottles of Jager and Vodka.
The Levi's polo was 35 euros, the aftershave was 19 euros and the Jager and Vodka was 2.50 euros each.

And last but not least, I went to Nyx as a last treat to myself. As we don't have a Nyx shop ANYWHERE near where we live, it was amazing to go in and have a look at all the products! I got the HD concealer, and 2 of the matte lipsticks. I also wanted to get the HD foundation, but there was only one girl working in the shop and she was busy doing a customers makeup, so I just purchased these 3 tings.
The concealer was 6.99 euros, and the lipsticks were round about 8 euros each.

And that's all the things I bought in Malta!
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