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Foundation collection & review.

Hey dolls,
as I've been doing plenty of shopping in Boots and Superdrug lately, I realised that I'm slowly but surely building myself a little foundation collection and wanted to share with you lovely lot, as well as do some reviews on each of them.

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Superfluid
I actually got this in the Boots clearance a few months back, and can't find it on the Boots website. I like this foundation, especially in summer, as it's a lot lighter and not as heavy on my face, especially if I'm just wanting a natural looking makeup look. A little bit goes quite far as well, and I only use 2 pumps to cover my face when I usually use between 3 and 4.

Revlon Colorstay | £12.99
As you can tell this foundations nearly empty! I absolutely love this foundation, especially when I use the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. It's full coverage, which is what I prefer in a foundation. The only thing is that I find myself having to powder more throughout the day with this foundation, which I don't mind but it can get annoying. All in all a really good foundation.

To be honest I don't think very much of this foundation. I only got it to try and it came in handy when I had an emergency and ran out of the foundation I was using at the time, but other than it hasn't been a favourite of mine. I have it in two shades, and they both just don't match my skin what so ever. I suppose it's okay as a back up, and even mixed with another foundation it might be okay, but I don't think it'll ever be my go to.

This is my current foundation at the minute, and it's very quickly became one of my favourites. I first got it to try a few months back to try when I seen it in the sale, but the colour was a bit too dark for me. So when I was recently shopping in there, I noticed the buy one get second half price offer and decided to take advantage and get the two. The only problem is that even with the lightest shade I still can't help feel like I look a tiny bit orange, but once it's settled on my face it's a lovely colour. The coverage is the best out of any of my foundations, and lasts all day.

I got this foundation after my friend Heather recommended it, and again it's another go to foundation of mine. The only thing I'm not 100% on is that it's only medium coverage, but it's buildable which I really like about it. It really is true match to my skin tone, and it's the closest match out of all them. I also have this one in two shades, for when I have tan on, and again the darker one matches really well too.

As this is the most expensive foundation, I decided to only use it when I was going out and getting dressed up etc. I decided to get it after I'd seen so many people on Youtube and blogs give it such good reviews, but honestly I'm not too fussed on this foundation at all. After using it a few times I realised I must be having a reaction to it, as it stung my eyes so I was forced to stop wearing it unless I mixed it with another foundation so I wasn't getting the full effect. As much as I want to love it, I just can't!

Before I got my Body Shop foundation, this was my go to. It reminds me of the True Match, but with a fuller coverage which is, as you can probably tell, one of my favourite factors of a foundation. I love how easy this is to apply also. It's long lasting, which is perfect for me doing long days at work. One of the few foundations I'll buy again and again.

Primark P.S. Love... Foundation Stick | £2
I can't link this as Primark sadly doesn't have a website yet. I seen this recently and decided to try it as a highlighter, but I actually really like it as a foundation given that it is Primark. I tend to use this especially if I'm going out and want a flawless finish, so I'll use it all over my face on top of my other foundation (I know it might be too much for some). It's super blendable and and works really well. I tried wearing it on it's own once, but I didn't like it all. I'll stick to the way I know and love!

And that's them all, for now anyway! I hope this helped if you're thinking of trying any of them.
Let me know if you want to see any similar posts, such as a foundation routine etc.

Thanks for reading,
much love, B x

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