Friday, 25 September 2015

Pinterest Inspiration - Home & Decor

Hi Dolls,
So the last time I blogged I posted about my boyfriend Dan and I getting our own house, but at the time we were just looking for properties. Since then, we've found a place and moved in! As soon as we viewed it I fell in love, of course it needed a lick of paint and some TLC but we went for it and have been happily moved in for a month now. We've still got some decorating and unpacking to do, so I don't want to do a house tour post just yet, although I will when it's done.
I still wanted to blog something house related, so I decided to do a post about my inspiration for home and decor. I've been addicted to Pinterest lately (even if I have no followers and am not following anyone because, truth be told, I'm not entirely sure how to use it!) and absolutely love some of the pictures that are on there, and wanted to share.
I might make this into a regular thing, maybe like a Pinspiration (Pinterest & inspiration, get it!?) series of all different things!

As you can tell I love everything neutral and shabby chic, and I aim to get a house this perfect one day!
As soon as we're all settled in the house I'll definitely do a house your for you guys.
And if you're not following me on Instagram make sure you do and keep a look out for sneak peaks! I'll leave my links down below.

B x

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