Sunday, 15 September 2013

How well do you guys know me? | Update.

Hey Guys,
I have been having major writers block lately for my blog, I just don't know what to write! The other day I was taking photographs to do a day in the life post, but it was a bit of a boring day so I'm gonna do it a different day. I was doing the post as it's a bit more personal than other things I've wrote about, and I just wanted to give you guys a more in depth look into my personal life.
I'm obviously not going to share everything online, but when I'm reading someones blog, personally I like it when they let me know more about themselves, so I feel as though I know the blogger a bit more.
So that's what I want to do on this post. I want to give you all an insight into the more personal aspects of my life, and also just a little update on what's going on.

So this week, I returned to college. On Tuesday, it was the first day of my last year. It's so weird to say that! But it's true, this year is my third and final year of college. People think it's strange because I'm 19 and still in college, as the majority of people my age have left college and are now in university. I guess I'm behind a little bit.
It's because, when I left school, I had my career planned out. I was starting a 2 year hairdressing apprenticeship, and once I was qualified I wanted to move out of my little home town and make it somewhere else, such as London. I'd wanted to style hair for fashion models and had all sorts of visions. Unfortunately, it wasn't as great as I'd hoped it would be. My heart wasn't 100% in it, although I loved hairdressing. So after a year, I decided it wasn't for me and wanted a change in career path. When I was leaving school, I remember going to the college I'm studying at now for an open evening and looking at the fashion design course, and it seemed perfect. I've always been interested in fashion and it was my dream job. But so many people had said to me, "you won't get anywhere in fashion", and "it's a hard industry to break into." So that severely put me off. But now, I'm studying towards what I want to do in life and not letting anyone's opinion change that. As it's my last year, we're all getting ready to apply for university. I can't even begin to explain how excited but extremely nervous I am! The course I'm looking to study is Fashion Journalism, so fingers crossed!

Not much is going on with work at the minute, but as I've never really mentioned work on my blog before, not many of you will even know where I work or anything! I currently work in a local pub doing part time work, so it's just your average job in a bar. It's a great job, the people I work with are just brilliant, and I love the job itself. I can't stress this enough - if you're old enough and enjoy working with people, get yourself behind a bar! It's also good for experience, like for me when I go to uni.
I am looking at getting myself another part time job, just for a bit of extra cash. My college work is going fine, but it's always beneficial to have a bit of money put away for materials.

I don't really know what else there is ha! That's pretty much all!
I hope this gave you guys a better idea of me, and I'm wanting to do more personal posts like this. If you have any suggestions or questions or just wanna say hi, please leave a comment and i'll reply as soon as, or you can always tweet me - @_bethhenderson.
Love you guys, B x

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